EXEDY Corporation, a global leader in drivetrain components with a rich history spanning over 100 years and a presence in 25 countries through 45 affiliates, is committed to delivering high-quality products that drive the automotive industry forward.

As an OEM supplier of manual clutches and drivetrain components to all major car manufacturers, EXEDY remains dedicated to delivering products of the highest quality. Our team of 15,000 employees worldwide upholds our legacy of quality and reliability, ensuring our products reach every corner of the globe.

As a forward-thinking company, we actively invest in research and development, expanding our product portfolio and embracing emerging technologies. Our commitment to open innovation and collaboration with startups and universities lies at the core of our approach. We seek opportunities to apply our core technologies beyond the automotive industry and embrace new technologies to shape the future of our society.

Proudly serving as the event sponsor of the Deep Tech Forum, we eagerly anticipate connecting with startups, fostering new partnerships, and collectively driving innovation in the automotive sector and beyond.